Providers – Eligibility and Claim Status

Traditional Self-Funded

We offer traditional self-funded plans, where employers collaborate with UltraBenefits to design a tailored benefits offering that meets their unique needs.

Flexible Spending Account

We offer a flexible spending account (FSA) where you may contribute pre-tax dollars to your health care costs.

Health Reimbursement Account

Our administration of health reimbursement accounts (HRA) allows for design flexibility and seamless implementation.

Care Management

The UltraBenefits Care Management team acts as a single point of contact for select high-cost members to navigate their care to high-quality, low-cost providers.

Utilization Review

Our nurse team helps guarantee members receive the care they need through the proper channels at the lowest cost possible.


Figuring out how to maintain your health insurance while preparing for a transition in your life can be stressful. UltraBenefits is here to be your expert in COBRA compliance and administration.